"Is Our Busyness as Moms Keeping Us Isolated?"

Remember when we used to call up a friend and share how our day was going or talk about an issue that was troubling us?  I remember talking to friends at length and feeling such relief just feeling like someone else understood.  Sometimes just getting to vent for a few minutes helped my problems to shrink down to normal size when a few minutes prior they seemed like a giant dragon ready to pounce.  Well maybe that’s an exaggeration but talking with a friend always helped me to feel supported and less alone.  

Fast forward several years... Now I am a mom and most of my friends are moms.  If I call someone on the phone the other person automatically assumes that something must be terribly wrong.  “Is everything ok Jen?” is the first thing out of their mouths.  Usually, if I call someone, I begin by saying “so, the reason I’m calling is...”  This way my friend won’t be wondering why I have used this ancient way of communicating.  My brother used to tell my mom that it was just plain rude to call when you can just as easily text.  One of my friends makes it very clear that she does not have time to talk so I threaten her with phone calls if she doesn’t return my texts.  

Seriously though, when we see people we know and we ask “how are you?”  The usual answer is “busy, super busy lately”.  If I text a friend to set up a lunch or coffee date, it’s often a couple weeks before we can find a time that works for both of us.  

My point is, as busy moms it is so much harder to stay really connected.  Yes, maybe you know what everyone has been up to by following them on Instagram or Facebook.  But, do you really know how they are doing?  Do you know how they are feeling and what their struggles are?  As woman we need connections in our lives to feel happy and fulfilled.  Our kids and our husbands may be amazing but there is something about hanging out and chatting with a good friend that is so different. 

So, if you notice yourself being so busy that you are beginning to feel a little isolated, I encourage you to reach out to a friend and find out how they are really doing.  While you are at it let them know how you are doing as well.  You might be surprised that both of you are tired of feeling so busy and taking a moment to chat and catch up might be just what you both have been craving.  

P.S.  Don't know where to begin in more connection?  Start with a free session for Busy Moms.  Just text: 623-209-4779