"Why I Decided to Host a Free Life Coaching Workshop"

If you haven’t heard, I am doing a workshop in a few weeks called “4 Tips to Success in Life, Love and Work”.  So you might be wondering why I decided to create this particular workshop.  Well, honestly, it just kind of popped into my head.  However, as someone who is trained in psychotherapy, I knew there must be a greater reason.  An unconscious motivation that I was not yet aware of.  So I pondered this and realized that, as usual, the desire to talk about this topic stems from my childhood and more specifically the influence my mother had on me.  


My mom was a very unhappy woman and her life was full of problems.  Granted, she was not dealt an easy hand in life having her youngest son born with Down Syndrome and a husband who she did not feel was supportive to her in any way.  Her life was not always easy, true.  But the way she interpreted the things that happened to her led to the way she dealt with them.  She believed that she was being punished or cursed in some way, so she drank, smoked and used pain killers in an attempt to get rid of her pain.  It never occurred to her to view her life in any other way.  She never contemplated that there could be anything positive that would ever happen.  She expected negative things and that’s usually what she got.  She never took care of herself physically or mentally and never believed she had any control of her life.  She just sat and waited and numbed.  


The way I live my life now, whether consciously or unconsciously, is pretty much the exact opposite of my mother’s.  For a long time, I saw a lot of negative as well.  I complained a lot and felt helpless in many areas of my life.  Over time, and lots of therapy and coaching, I realized there was another way.  I am in many ways grateful for how I was raised because I learned one very important lesson.  I could choose the life I wanted.  I was not going to be miserable like my mother.  


My mom had so many amazing qualities that she never got to share with the world because she was wrought with physical and emotional pain.  She was so funny and generous and amazing in so many ways, yet lived her life in a dark, sad and helpless way.  I want to help people get out of their ruts and feelings of being stuck as a tribute to my mom.  I want to help people understand that they have control of how they interpret the world.  I believe that life is what you make of it.  


I truly wish Life Coaches were around when my mother was young and she would have been able to get help in understanding how to be fulfilled.  I couldn’t help my mom before she died but I hope I can help the people who hear about me and want more from life.  I want to make sure that people know they are not alone and they are not doomed to be unhappy, overwhelmed and stressed out.  Life is too short not to!


If you are reading this and feel in any way you are not 110% happy, I hope you attend my workshop.  You can find peace and balance in your life.  I want to share what I have learned so you can discover a happier and more joyful you!


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