"Tips to Be a Happier and More Successful Person (Before Your Day Even Begins)"

I am on a constant quest to be healthier and happier every day.  In this post I want to share with you a few tips that help me to be successful on this journey even before I leave the house for the day.  


I have never been a morning person and although I have fought this for years, I have come to the conclusion that morning is actually when I get the most done.  Mornings, as hard as they might seem to some of us, are the time that sets the tone for your whole day.  If your morning starts out successful it is much more likely that the rest of your day will be successful as well.  


So, my first tip to a successful morning is to get up earlier.  Ok, before you stop reading...you don’t have to get up at 4am.  Even just 15 minutes can set the tone for a better day.  Trust me, this little bit of extra time will help you feel more in control and more productive.  Starting the day off without rushing around will help you to feel like you own the day instead of the day owning you.  If you find you enjoy this extra time keep increasing it by 15 minutes every week and soon you might just become a morning person.


Next, I suggest starting your morning routine with an intention.  I personally find this to be so important as far as feeling motivated and successful.  I love to stretch first thing in the morning and set my intention for the day.  Try to keep this in mind as you go through your day.  This again sets the tone and makes my day feel a little more focused.  


My last tip is to plan your morning the night before.  This will make everything go much more smoothly.  Set out your clothes, set the coffee pot, plan what your breakfast will be etc.  I do all of these things so when I get up I don’t have as much to do and it feels like the morning is greeting me with a feeling of accomplishment already.  It’s as if the morning is saying to me, “here is your coffee, your outfit and a healthy breakfast, have a great day!”  I also love to do a list the night before of all of the things I need to do or want to accomplish that day.  This way I don’t have to worry I already have the next day under control.


Hopefully one or more of these tips will help you have a great day everyday.  I think great days pave the way to discovering your best self!