Just, thank you! For being easy to talk to, for listening, for offering great suggestions for me to feel better about myself, for reducing anxiety, for helping to put things into perspective, for asking thought-provoking discovery questions...thank you!
— Melissa, Texas

In just one session with Jennifer, I had many great insights into what was holding me back from achieving my goals. She is highly gifted at listening to you and asking questions that invoke deeper inquiry. She is very compassionate and holds a space for you to find your way through the entanglement of your thoughts and emotions. I highly recommend working with Jennifer if you are experiencing any turmoil or discontentment in your life. I felt a clearing space in my mind after working with her and was able to accomplish my tasks more effectively.
— Dr. Yasaman, Dr. of Naturopathic Medicine

I now recognize signs of feeling stressed out or dwelling on negative feelings.  I couldn’t do that before.  I realize how often I let negative moments in my day ruin days to come.  Coaching has been positive and helpful and I’ve seen myself become more connected with my mental health.
— Kylie, Phoenix

Jennifer’s warmth and reliability allowed me to feel heard on a deep level.  Her empathy and poignant questions helped me clarify my thought process and find a real authority within myself-that voice and innate wisdom that is so easily muddled and lost in the constant influx of outside input.  Thank you Jennifer for reconnecting me to her!
— Lahna, Tucson

Thank you for your patience, knowledge, and trustworthiness. I really enjoy our time together and feeling re-charged
— Betsy, Texas

Sometimes I get very overwhelmed being at home with my two kids. I have found that when I need someone to help me learn new coping techniques, Jennifer has been a godsend. I am so grateful that I found her!
— Melanie, Phoenix