Meet Jennifer: Life Coach and Mom of Three

Are you a mom who’s feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of juggling family/work/life in general? Do you feel under-appreciated and like you’re living a series of #momfails? You’re not alone. 

Whether your child is a toddler or a teenager, motherhood is the most exhausting (unpaid) job. Having kids is certainly rewarding at times, but moms are often the last ones to ask for help when they’re floundering. If the anxiety and stress become too much, it can feel impossible to find joy. And self-care? Forget about it. 

Well, it’s time to stop that vicious cycle and take control of your happiness. 

As a Certified Professional Integrative Coach and a Mom of 3 girls who’s worked many years in the mental health field as a social worker, I have a unique perspective on how to kick the mom guilt and negative self talk. Together, we’ll make an action plan for change. Step by step, you will begin to feel fulfilled in motherhood and in life. We will reignite the feeling that you’re a priority in a way that’s always supportive, never judgmental. 

Schedule your free consultation with me today. Take the first step toward realizing who you can become.