Meet Jennifer: Life Coach and Mom of Three


It all started when...

Jennifer Jakobsen is a Certified Professional Integrative Coach.  After many years in the mental health field she is thrilled to have found what she believes to be her “true calling” as a life coach.  

She received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Indiana University and then completed her Master in Clinical Social Work from Loyola University Chicago and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She truly enjoyed her career working with clients on an inpatient and outpatient basis but what she loved most was doing therapy in a private practice setting.  

Eventually she married and settled in Phoenix, AZ. After having three children she became “semi-retired” from doing therapy.  Therapy, although necessary in many cases, focused on the past and what is broken in a person.  Coaching allowed her to make a difference but in a more client driven and future-focused way.  Looking at clients as whole and healthy felt like a more positive approach.  Life coaching gave her the chance to continue pursuing her passion of helping others improve their lives.  Jennifer conducts most of her sessions over the phone with occasional in person sessions for clients in the Phoenix area.  

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